On the 15.2.2018 the first CarEsmatic public event took place at the WTC in Barcelona, organized by Barcelona Port Authority and Escola de Short Sea Shipping.
The event, with the title Electric Vehicles in Logistics and Transportation, was dedicated to the promotion of EVs and included an exhibition of several EV models.
Over 90 participants took part at the event.
Sixte Cambra, President of Barcelona Port Authority presented the port’s plan to improve air quality also by fostering electromobility. To this aim 3 types of charging station are available at the port, while the authority has also made available an EV fleet.
Maša Čertalič, Head of Strategic Development at Luka Koper – Port of Koper, emphasized the market oriented nature of the CarEsmatic Action, that sees the participation of the two most important Mediterranean car ports, which are Barcelona and Koper, as well as Neptune Lines, which is the major shipping line specialized in car transportation in the Med area. While during project preparation period the idea of EVs seemed quite a distant concept, nowadays EVs are becoming a reality across Europe.
Beside experts researching the EV market, also representatives of shipping lines, such as Neptune Lines, but also terminal operators (Autoterminal S.A.) and car makers (Nissan, Seat) presented their view on EV development. Needs of EV during distribution were discussed, which includes terminal operations at port.
Santiago Garcia-Mila from the Barcelona Port Authority summoned up in conclusion the role that ports shall have for the society, by giving value to the community in a sustainable way. Therefore, it is important to develop ports, so that they can contribute to a competitive Europe.
A visit of the port of Barcelona and in particular works to adapt the rail terminal at Autoterminal Barcelona followed.

All presentations from the conference are available at the following link: CarEsmatic presentations