In April 2020, new RORO berth was successfully completed, and in May 2020, the new facility passed the technical inspection and obtained the operating permit.

The new facility will enable the largest RORO vessels to berth in the Port of Koper and – in combination with the new railway infrastructure, which was completed earlier this year – ensure faster and more reliable transhipment of vehicles on the port. New investment is part of the Activity 2 of the CARESMATIC action and will contribute to the MoS objectives – reducing congestion in the Core TEN-T ports and supporting efficient multimodal transport.

Modern RORO infrastructure will significantly improve quality of services at the Car terminal in Port of Koper and enhance logistics services in the Northern Adriatic. More efficient car throughput in Koper will lead to better transhipment times and also foster maritime flows in the Adriatic Sea.

New berth in the Basin III in Koper represents an important step towards expansion of the Car Terminal at the Port of Koper. The first vessel berthing at the new RORO berth is expected in early June 2020.