In January 2020, new railway infrastructure at the Port of Koper was successfully completed. New investment, referred as the VI. railway group, is part of the Activity 2 of the CARESMATIC action and represents the first important step towards expansion of the Car Terminal at the Port of Koper.

The VI. railway group consists of four 700 meters long railway tracks which will allow the entire trainset to be accommodated without need of wagon segmentation, ensuring fast and reliable transhipment of vehicles and provide better turnaround times. To facilitate transhipment at night, new railway tracks are equipped with special lighting system to illuminate the entire freight wagon,  while new hydraulic platforms at each line will importantly increase reliability of transhipment between different modes of transport. The new rail facility succesfully passed a technical inspection showing that all the work was done well.

New infrastructure at the Port of Koper will give trains better access to the port, improve its connection to the TEN-T Core Network, and boost the efficiency of the car throughput in the port. When completed, the CARESMATIC action will significantly enhance MoS services, bringing more efficient transport and logistics services in the Mediterranean basin which will also contribute to the MoS objective of promoting environmentally friendly modes of transport.