On the 20th and 21st of November 2017 the first “ad-hoc” industrial working group for the development of Motorways of the Sea took place in Barcelona.
The conference is part of a cycle of six conferences that will take place till summer 2018 with the aim of increasing the visibility of MoS within the framework of the European Union Development Programs and consequently to increase the volume of resources available for the co-funding of development projects submitted by MoS Stakeholders.
According to www.naucher.com during the event, Brian Simpson EC Coordinator for MOS, reminded the participants, representatives of the port and shipping industry, that the railway sector is “winning by a landslide” and that the only way to gain more founds for MoS is to intensify contacts at the governmental level.
The event saw panel discussions over port infrastructure and development strategies, sustainable shipping, safety and security, but also traffic management.
CarEsmatic was presented by Mr. Carles Rua from the Barcelona Port Authority as one of the CEF – MoS co-financed Actions in the panel Intermodality and Integration of Corridors.

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