About CarEsmatic

CarEsmatic is a Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) co-financed Action. Its implementation started in March 2016 and will conclude in March 2020.

With the aim of increasing the use of Motorways of the Sea services for transportation of new cars in the Mediterranean basin Luka Koper, terminal operator at the Port of Koper (Slovenia), Barcelona Port Authority with its terminal operator Autoterminal Barcelona and the shipping line Neptune Lines developed a joint project proposal presented at the CEF call 2015 – Motorways of the Sea priority. The project was positively evaluated and in July 2016 confirmed for funding by EU Member States.


Cargo flows related to the automotive industry and in particular finished vehicles are frequently linked to road transportation. Considering the strong presence of car makers in the Mediterranean area, but also the existing specialized marine terminals and dedicated logistics providers in the area, however, it appears plausible to pursue the aim of increasing the use of MoS also for car transportations. CarEsmatic partners believe that by improving port maritime and land infrastructure in ports of Koper and Barcelona it will be possible to support an upgrade of the existing maritime service provided by Neptune Lines.
But CarEsmatic is not just about port infrastructure. All CarEsmatic partners are entities that are responsible toward the environment and are well aware that road transport is by far the bigger emitter when talking about air pollution in cities.  This is why CarEsmatic is supporting also the take-off of electro mobility in the European Union and in particular in the Med area. Partners are willing to increase knowledge on needs of electric vehicles – in particular during their distribution from the production facility to the retailer. In such a way CarEsmatic aims also at supporting Mediterranean ports to cope with future developments in relation to the automotive industry.