CarEsmatic is a Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) co-financed Action.

Its aim is to increase the use of Motorways of the Sea services for transportation of new cars in the Mediterranean basin.

Coordinated by Luka Koper, terminal operator at the Port of Koper (Slovenia), Barcelona Port Authority with its terminal operator Autoterminal Barcelona and the shipping line Neptune Lines are cooperating to increase the number of new cars transported by sea between the port of Koper and the port of Barcelona.  To increase accessibility and support greater cargo flow new infrastructure is under construction in both the two ports. Besides,  studies to support distribution of electric cars are on-going with pilot installations.


30th anniversary since the first RORO vessel in Port of Koper

In these days we are marking the 30th anniversary since we handled the first Asia-produced cars in the port. From the car-carrier European Venture we unloaded the very first 322 cars, all were Hyundai Pony models. The Car & RO-RO Terminal has since 1990 handled a...

Transhipment on the new railway tracks is already in progress

Transhipment on the new railway tracks is already in progress. Four railway lines, each 700 m long, are routed to the second largest storing area for cars in the Port of Koper. The new investment has already improved the car throughput efficiency in the port.  

Construction of new RORO berth at Port of Koper completed

In April 2020, new RORO berth was successfully completed, and in May 2020, the new facility passed the technical inspection and obtained the operating permit. The new facility will enable the largest RORO vessels to berth in the Port of Koper and - in combination with...